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Ceramic Coating

Affordable Ceramic Coating Services in Broken Arrow OK

LMA Premium Detail provides the best ceramic coating services in Broken Arrow, OK. Being a significant investment, your vehicle deserves protection beyond regular waxing. Our ceramic coating solutions provide just that: a barrier resistant to chemicals, UV rays, and even minor scratches. This cutting-edge process improves your vehicle’s visual appeal and protects it from everyday wear and tear on the road. The result? A brilliantly shiny finish that lasts, reducing the frequency of maintenance needs.
A person wearing black gloves carefully applies wax to a shiny red car, giving it a beautiful finish.

A Commitment to Quality and Durability

Choosing our ceramic coating services in Broken Arrow, OK, is opting for quality and durability. We understand how important it is to maintain your vehicle’s lustrous appearance while ensuring its protection against the elements. Our service goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about offering a protective shield that actively combats the effects of weathering, pollution, and daily wear and tear. With LMA Premium Detail, your vehicle gets more than a surface treatment; it receives a layer of care that maintains its premium look while extending its lifespan. Trust in our expertise to give your car the protective embrace it deserves.

Why Choose us

Nano-Technology Protection

The paint on your car will develop a molecular link with our ceramic coatings. This ensures a more profound and more durable protective shield against external contaminants.

Water-Repelling Properties

Our ceramic coating doesn't just resist water; it actively repels it. Water from precipitation, puddles, and even morning dew will roll off, eliminating the potential for water spots.

UV Ray Defense

Our ceramic coating service specifically counteracts harmful UV rays, preventing paint oxidation and ensuring your vehicle's color remains vibrant for years.

Ceramic Coating Prices

Add Exceptional Paint protection to your investment.
Coupe $725
Small SUV $775
Mid SUV $825
Large SUV/ Large Truck $945
Coupe/Sedan $490
Small SUV Crossover $525
Mid Size SUV $560
Large SUV/ Large Truck $595
Starting 3 year protection $799
Starting 6 year protection $999
Starting 10 year protection $1399
Coupe $975
Small SUV $1025
Mid SUV $1075
Large SUV/ Large Truck $1195